Application, Freedman

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Application, Freedman

Post by Freedman » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:31 pm

What is your first name?:

What do you prefer to go by (Username/nickname)?:

How old are you?:
I am Currently 20 Years old

Have you already or are you able to install FiveM?:
Yes I already have it installed.

Do you have a mic?:
Yes I do.

Do you have TeamSpeak 3?:
Yes I do already have you server TS on my bookmarks.

Do you have any prior experience in Roleplay communities?:
Yes I do I was a Lt. In a community called Blaine County RP I was in charge of the Highway patrol division. I left due to inactivity of the community. I have also been RPing in GTA 4 for 4 years before that being commissioner in community’s and many supervises ranks.

Are you currently a part of any other RP communities?:
I am currently not in an community’s I do jump on servers just to be a civ every once and a while I would rather do policing or fire stuff though if this community works out for me.

How many days a week can you join us for patrol?:
4-5 I can be on almost everyday all depends on time zone when ill be able to be on but I will for sure try to make it to as much as I can.

What Department are you applying for? Please check one (more coming soon):

BCSO: I would like to be BCSO but if you guys are short in another department ill join that.

Our rules are pretty straightforward. Basically be respectful & nice and you will go far! Our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust, & Cooperation are held to a high standard here. With that being said do you understand?: Yes

If you are to be accepted, do you agree that all the answers above are answered truthful to the best of your knowledge?: YEs

Now you can go back to the forum, click create post, paste in your application and submit, you're done!

Thanks once again for applying with the San Andreas Realism Roleplay Community!

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Re: Application, Freedman

Post by Haswell » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:06 am

Accepted! Welcome to SAR-RP!

You will be contacted to set up a small training session soon.